About iada4hmi

iada4hmi is short for International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) for Human-Machine Interaction (HMI). iada4hmi is an online conference with the aim of getting  researchers from different areas like HMI, linguistics, educational science, philosophy, and other related disciplines to talk about their work in and around the HMI domain.

iada4hmi introduces a new conference format where participants interact via VoiceThread, a web2.0 tool that allows users to create, publish and also comment on  presentations by video, audio, and text. The presentations are visible only to conference participants. Everyone can select and view presentations at any time and as often as they like. Viewers can also use the comment functions at any point in the presentation. Comments might thereby refer directly to the presentation as well as to comments by other viewers, providing a working platform for an open discussion and exchange.

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